According to many African mythologies TWIGA – the giraffe symbolizes above all – UNIQUENESS – each of us, regardless of our origin and life situation, is unique and has values ​​and potential, deserves respect. TWIGA is also looking to the future and constantly EMPOWERING DEVELOPMENT, because thanks to its long neck, the giraffe sees more, further. TWIGA is also a CONNECTION WITH THE EARTH and its laws as a direct reference to the necessity to live in harmony with nature, taking into account the laws of nature, phenomena and global interdependencies so crucial in global education. The giraffe appears in wall paintings from prehistoric times, symbolizing ATTACHMENT TO TRADITION and reaching for basics. TWIGA is a mystical animal with a strong place in the symbolism of many cultures of the world – associated with enormous INTUITION, imagination and CREATIVITY. The giraffe’s strength lies in focusing, analyzing and drawing conclusions, WORKING, and determination. According to the idea of ​​UNDERSTANDING WITHOUT VIOLENCE – the GIRAFFE LANGUAGE is one in which we understand, empathize, do not judge others, we talk honestly about our feelings, from our perspective. The giraffe wants to know other people’s feelings in order to be able to react to them without criticizing and rashly judging.